Touring the city

After two days, it was finally time to tour the city. I began by taking the bus with Dani (on her way to school) to La Mariscal, one of the popular tourist areas of the city. The plan was to meet my friends at a bus stop before we went touring around. 

People were packed like sardines in the bus today. I’ve heard theft is common on the buses, and I think I witnessed someone who may have wanted to steal from me. He kept eyeing my backpack, which I was wearing in front. I made sure that I kept an eye on him and secured my valuables so I was virtually pickpocket proof. 

Once I arrived at my bus stop, I had to walk a few blocks to meet my friends since their stop is on another bus line. My friends and I walked through Parque el Ejjido (a famous park), looked at a few shops and got lunch. For $2.50, I was able to have a lunch complete with soup, fruit juice, steak with rice and slaw, and a piece of watermelon at a pretty nice restaurant. Afterwards, we checked out the mall and supermarket. Our last stop before returning home was a bakery and cafe, I bought a little pastry that looked like a cinnamon roll with candied fruit for $0.50. It tasted like a cross between two other sweets I have had at home: cardamom bread (popular in Nordic countries) and Stollen, a German sweet bread with candied fruit. Very delicious. 

I was tired after our long stroll and returned home to rest. That evening was the first time that I felt like everyone in my host family gathered together for dinner. Everyone always seems so busy. Hopefully they will have time again in the future. 


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