A college student once again

Today was one long day. I went early to meet with a professor about the research I will be doing on dental implants. It sounds very interesting. Next was business such as getting my cell phone, paying for a picnic on Saturday and fixing an issue with the online system. Finding my way around campus is more difficult at USFQ, because the buildings all have walkways that wind around, and often times, multiple buildings are connected together and there is only a little sign when you enter another one. It’s getting better as time goes on.

Fortunately I had a little break before classes to take photos of the campus. The sun was out, making the campus even more beautiful. Some of the quads look almost like mini Spanish town squares (based upon photos I have seen). 

Next I had four and a half hours of class pretty much back to back classes–in Spanish! My classes seemed interesting. However, I needed every ounce of focus to really pay attention. My Ecuadorian Culture class is mostly conversation based, and we will be doing little activities to analyze the culture, such as visiting a museum and writing a short reflection. The Modern Latin American Art class sounded pretty interesting but very demanding with its workload (a presentation, 10-15 page paper, two exams, and lots of reading). I will probably drop that class since I’m not fluent in Spanish and don’t want a crazy workload. Next was my Andean Anthropology class. This should be a very interesting class where we get to learn about the indigenous cultures of Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia, and how they have been integrated into modern society here. 

After my long day, I was pretty tired and almost wanted a break from Spanish. I went with Chris and Adrian to Chris’ house and then to Parque Carolina, a huge park in Quito with a botanical garden, a lagoon, a skateboard park and lots of places for children to play. Then I returned home and had to get ready for my first homework by printing out a 7 page reading for one of my classes.

IMG_0045 IMG_0050 IMG_0052


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