Part of the family

There hasn’t been much to write about in the last few days since I’ve been just going to school, getting used to my classes, and doing homework once again. What has been happening is that I have been acclimating more to living here in Ecuador, improving my Spanish, and getting closer to my host family. 

For the first time today, I felt like I really had a grasp on living here when I woke up in the morning. I’ve been having more good conversations with my host family recently. This is making me feel like I am starting to become a part of the family. These conversations are also partially a product of my improving Spanish. 

My transition hasn’t been to hard luckily. The hardest part so far was probably early in the week when I started having classes and homework regularly and didn’t have a routine or anything. Now that I am getting more familiar with the university, everything is going smoother. 

My host sister Dani invited over a bunch of her friends tonight. It was a great opportunity to meet other Ecuadorians my age. We played Cranium and Jenga, which was a little bit difficult in Spanish but a great opportunity. I’m finally getting settled here!


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