Back on my feet

It’s been a while since I have posted much because not much has happened since Saturday. My illness was pesky and decided to hang on for a long time. After Saturday night and Sunday morning, it was mostly just upset stomach. At the recommendation of my host mom, I went to the university clinic on Monday afternoon. It was a bit of an an adventure navigating how the clinic worked at the university, in Spanish, while sick. Luckily there was a very nice lady who was super accommodating and helpful, spoke English and was able to put me with a doctor who spoke English so that I could describe my symptoms better. The doctor gave me some medicine to help with the symptoms. By Tuesday afternoon I was considerably better, and by yesterday I was almost completely better. Yesterday afternoon I was able to go to the City Museum with my friends. It was pretty small but had a pretty good timeline complete with artifacts of the history of Quito and Ecuador. Afterwards we went to a small microbrewery which, out of all coincidences, is owned by a group of guys who graduated from Willamette University in Salem.

My Spanish has continued to improve. The improvement seems to go in waves: one moment I am great and another I am not. I think what happens is that I get in a groove after speaking and thinking nothing but Spanish but then I regress a bit if I break that groove. Within the upcoming weeks I should get even better.


2 thoughts on “Back on my feet

  1. Hola Alden,
    Love reading your experiences there at your new college. It sounds like you’re acclimating really quick. It’s impressive how you’re able to communicate well in Spanish , let alone taking hard courses in Espanol! About your stomach problems, I told your Mom we can send you some rehydrate salts, they had save my life in the past from all the travel dysenteries I had in foreign countries.

    My impression of Quito offers such a rich culture and you have an appreciation of it all. How are your friends from OSU coping?

    We will be reading you blog , and please keep us posted. Chris and Joey loves your bedroom, it looks better than some dorm.

    We will pray for your safety always…



    • Yeah, it’s been a relatively easy adaptation. There’s so much to do around Quito and Ecuador. I haven’t done a lot of it yet, but I’ve got so much time. My stomach is better now thank goodness. I think I won’t have too many problems with stomach illness here, at least in Quito. More care is needed at the coast and in Amazonia, where it is a tropical climate.

      Quito is a great place. There are some drawbacks, like the pollution and traffic, but nevertheless it has been an enjoyable experience. My friends from OSU have also adapted well as far as I can tell.

      Thanks for thinking about me and following my blog!


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